31 march 2017

The Invertebrate Press Office  

The Invertebrate Press Office

A busy morning at the office of The Invertebrate Press, as four million copies of the latest edition pour off the rotary printing-presses and out into the World, today, and every day. The Invertebrate Press publishes 3 regular, monthly papers - The Limpet, The Caterpillar and The Caterpillar Dub. You can find The Limpet at: https://savetheholyheadland.blogspot.co.uk/ and The Caterpillar and it's remixed Dub Version here: http://yecaterpillar.blogspot.co.uk/ I also operate a blog for the Caged Crusader of Florida, Harold Hempstead, a.k.a. 'Miami Harold'. You can find it here: https://haroldhempsteadcagedcrusader.wordpress.com/ On 8th October, 2016 The Invertebrate Press published The Horned Whale or An Morvil Kornek by Jeremy Schanche - my first ebook - ISBN: 9780993490910 - you can find out about it at the above blogs - available from most good ebook sites, itunes, etc.. The Movie Department of The Invertebrate Press can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/floydyopz The Invertebrate Press - Read All About It! PRZECZYTAJ OPOWIEŚĆ!

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