ashley, 17 january 2012


im dead now,
and its all your fault.
you hurt me one,
to many times

tonight is the night,
i end my life,
in our bed.

i slit my wrist,
till the red liquid,
in side me starts to pour.

but i dont cry,
i wont shed a tear.
when you come home,
youll find me here.

just lying here,
our bed filled
filled with blood
well now i say goodbye.

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ashley, 17 january 2012

why do you

why do you sit there,
and what me cry.
when we both know,
all you want to do is try.

to break down that wall,
i built so high .
around my heart.

why when you say goodbye,
everything feels like the last time.
when i am in your-arms,
so safe and warm.
so when i turn,
you are no longer there.

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ashley, 17 january 2012

the love i lost

you took me by storm,
when u came into my life.
it was such a surprise,
how fast i fell for you.

your eyes were hazel,
but changed with your mood.
your soft touch was to consume,
my heart melted when u carresed me.

your soft hands on my arm,
your soft lips on my neck,
your love and laughter brought,
me back after.

4 years in hell with out you,
was hard enough the thought,
that i might loose you,
is just to much.

to loose the softness of your touch,
to loose the happiness you brought to my life.
the sun while shine a lil less,
theres less brightness to my smile.

but to hear your voice,
will be all i need.
to know u havent,
truely deserted me.

i need u more than life right now,
i hate him for almost tearing us apart.
but what he did will soon be in my past,
and our future may begin.

u are the star i see in the sky,
at night.
the only man i want,
in my life.

my soul is half gone,
without u by my side.
my heart hurts and,
yurns for ur touch.

the stars shine a lil,
less with out ur eyes to gaze into.
my heart beats a lil harder ,
without your caress.

my love,
my soulmate,
please come back to me

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