9 july 2012

I still remember the day we parted

I still remember the day we parted, my love,
I still remember the day we went our separate ways.
You did not say anything,
And I did not ask.
But your teary eyes said it all.
Was our love so weak?
Could we not spend the rest of our days,
Together? Could we have not gone,
To the shore of the great ocean,
One more time, where we met for the first time,
Under the crimson sky?
No, our love was strong,
We parted because we loved,
We parted for the love of our mother land.
Your tears made me weak,
But your silence made me strong,
So, I left with a heavy heart,
Not as a coward but as a brave soldier.
Heaven cried that day,
As dews of your saddened mind,
Came down your snow white chicks.
But you said nothing,
And I didn’t ask.

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