Rachel-erika Henderson

Rachel-erika Henderson, 9 december 2011

Loves slave

I built this wet blind cave
In which to dwell
Some call it artistic
call it burning hell

It taints my skin
My minds a race
My thoughts
don't still
Stuck in this place

I wait silently
In the scratching
For my peace to come
For this nightmare to pass

I have felt
the claws
Pain I can't let others see
Will this ever pass
Or last an

The most beautiful creation
Bought me to this doom
spell of love
Like a witches broom

My heart fell darkly deep
loves black ocean
kissed by aphrodiate
Like an evil potion

I wait
for my pain to subside
Wait in my wet blind cave
Next time Love visits
I shall not become It's slave

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Rachel-erika Henderson

Rachel-erika Henderson, 9 december 2011

Sound the bell

Who's job is it to sound the bell?
who's job is it to watch time?
to let
the children run and play
to give them all a sign
to catch their
to hear their laughs
to uncover all their fears
mother is god in
a childs eyes
she takes away their tears
she asks for none yet gives her
unconditionally like all things
her youth is pulled to the
like her fair tangled hair
like the sound as the bell rings

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Rachel-erika Henderson

Rachel-erika Henderson, 9 december 2011

Isle of Skye

We live on our
blissful island

Sing together, a song
to the sea.
From generation to generation
The chorus rises, proud and

Some gone, But some have

Enough have stayed to
keep our Isle
In names that sing the same old song,
Our faces greet with
a warming smile.

Our island famed for
Nestling near the rocky shore,
dreams and far desires
Calls for praises,

It is our sacred
Heathered meadows, shady bogs,

scenery is that from a dream
Mornings shaded with
misty fogs,

We live in a beautiful

Mother nature gives

Fair maiden, Isle
of Skye

She's the beauty of
mother earth

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