14 november 2011

14 november 2011, monday ( Yin-Yang )

Some people are bad, but some are also good. Others are sad, but most are happy. But what is the Equalizer? What makes it all even out? Is there any ONE thing that can? I think that there are many combinations of things that make us equal. The happyness of one can make up the whole well-being of another. If one is miserable, chances are, most of the people around them are miserable too. There is a cure. It's called a smile. Smiles spread like the plague. One person smiles to another, then that person smiles to the next, and so-on and so-forth. Eventually everyone around you is smiling, all because of you. You are the key factor in all of this. You are the Yin to everyone's Yang, or the Yang to everyone's Yin. You smile and the world seems like a better place. You laugh and it brightens up the room. So make your world a better place. Spread the SMILE PLAGUE around the Earth. Do one good thing today and it will stay with you for the rest of your life. The love you show today will show in the eyes of those you know. The world is full of hate, but the question is, are you? Are you like the World? Or are you just in it? Waiting for someone like you to change it? Waiting for love? Like I said before, there are some people who are bad. And there are some people who are good. But it's you who decides which is which. Follow your Yin-Yang and you decide... Which is which?

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