6 january 2012

Embracing A Life Challenge In New York City.

We arrive into New York City full of Contradictions.Old residents Algonquians and Iroquois Indians gone.Searching for Paradise among those grazing Buffalo.Squirrels red coats remind us of Dead British troops.Some forgotten a treasured Scalp on that Indian belt.Vicissitudes of Human Life in Battles not forgotten.Oh! I would have more lives to lose for my country.Continental Musket balls converted back to red dust.America's deceased Son's & Daughters remembered.Washington's farewell bade from “black-Sams Tavern”.A City enthusing flavour's of Seafarers & Buccaneers.Lobster Palaces in Times Square Gay Nineties History.Winston Churchill's Mother Jenny schooled in an Alley.North Shore Oyster Vikings living in “Captains Row”.Weird eccentrics congregate in cliches in Central Park.Creamery Park “bit of Patrician London” remembered.Largest most populous metropolitan area in the world.An Intimate skyline penetrated with outstanding beauty.Nationalities dominating a metropolis of Architecture.Butterflies flutter quivering songs of meadow-larks echo.A library terrace is just one of many beating City hearts.Lower Broadway precariously hidden in a great canyon.Dwarfed a forgotten smoking chimney bellows smoke.Woolworth's site sitting on nineteenth century history.Remembering hostelry days of Pepys Knickerbockers.Dracula's big eyes peering at you on Washington Avenue.Cock crowing on top of Fifth Avenue Heckscher Building.Indescribable sensations of a Condor or Vulture missing.Hoofed Locusts overgrazing in big blossoming valley's.Destroying most of that outstanding beauty Gods Earth.Real People finding quite refuge in a distant wilderness. Blue-Tailed Mole Skunk have now moved to sandy Polk.Manhattan being ruled by a murky early morning fog.Kill Van Kull Sound arched by a Bayonne Steel Bridge.Great cantilever bridges spanning over a vast east river.Panoramic views Madison Avenue & Fifty-second street.That all embracing vast unimpeded Rockefeller Centre.Giants hovering over a guild-ed domed World Building.Two hundred and sixty miles of underground railway's.Leaving NYC you have a Million Rules and Rhythms.

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