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9 august 2012

china some or china all

All my favor critical theorems on faiths are conditional stimulus by come on ways. Our belief is weak or strong are chances of conditional reflexes. All my favor points to criticize china commie is life.
China kills.
Maoism kills.
WUJANTO kills.
Tyrants kill.
Dream of mine is ghosts but nothing gods. Dreams of tyrants all are odds. Dreams of tyrants all are hosts.
Tyrants pick it up are dreams of godlike powers and forces. Painful pains to peoples much are much.
More strong would be desires for more with wealth, possessions, or self esteems or comforts or powers.
More in minds than bodies can have as such.
Logic illicit and moral hazards are easy to come.
What a toady to gods is not what a toady to bosses as over lords.
Bossy tyrants are either standard maker or killers.
Bend to your front is kowtow good.
Kowtow all may bend our wills then laws.
Damn our commie needs the fronts and center taking.
However tyrants’ front offices deal a case of smooth in ways but sometimes quite cruel.
Claptraps always have claques that hired.
Clarion calls are call for front.
Fronts are bright with rays of lights but rear is chills and dark.
All clarion calls as most are tyrants’ tricks.
They some subset of doings are making us to change the focus of life as like to quarrel and banging hard to the foreign commie foes by declared so called laws.
Some is to drum at America.
--------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---------   

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