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3 december 2011

Henry Fork who smuggle

Henry Fork who smuggle…

Lucks arte laws are not for jails.

Pin you down are down for nails.

NAAM you cashes are smuggle laws.

Henry Fork has happy balls.

Office doors are fronts and rears.

Henry fork has smuggled years.

Rich with fames will get as fronts.

Dirty rich has rear as farms.

Mob with names has famous nouns.

Dirty smuggled lands are mounds.

Lands are houses and mounds are good.

Henry forks has drugs are foods.

Foods are drugs are good for health.

Henry Fork will get their wealth.

Ginger man is Henry Fork.

Fork YIE TUNG has forms.

Smuggle cross our water ways.

Fork YIE TUNG has danger days.

British colony gets no well.

Water smooth and men have smells.

Dirty smell are smuggle men.

Killed as cashes and rich has tents.

Henry Forks will get the lots.

Censes will coil and smokes are caught.

Smuggles some are china grant.

China laws are peoples’ rants.

Smuggle some are nothing well.

Buy you goods and souls may sell.

May not drugs but goods are tools.

British colony all are fools.

Supported china comes with sins.

Maoism touches are shapes that IN.

Maoism touches are feels that be.

China venoms cups have teas.

Henry Fork is china mobs.

Better laws are more as ought.

Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------

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