26 march 2021

Although poetry will not save the world

Poetry is a search for brilliance.
Poetry is the royal road
which will lead us the farthest.
A. Zagajewski

Although poetry,
this secular religion
whose priests are poets
– will not save the world,
she is its very essential added value
born of the four elements
and the invisible divine one

a poem can both heal
and extend your life now
and post mortem

although poetry will not save the world
she permeates it right through
- and she is the soul of its body

the almost infinity of poetry and its words
in all the languages of mankind
(just like music with its sounds and notes)
- are in harmony
with the boundless but finite Universe

although poetry will not save the world,
it will reborn, set free and redeem
and will give it a new breath and life

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Paweł Szkołut,  

Jest angielskie tłumaczenie wiersza "Chociaż poezja nie zbawi świata”.

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