14 february 2021

In café Mleczarnia

For K. & Ł.

On the pictures from the café in Kazimierz
we are sitting at the open front window,
the mirrored glasses reflect our shapes,
the flame of a candle and a yellow tulip,
chocolate is flowing down the white cup

we are talking about the origins of the Universe
and the atom’s construction,
about the mystical journeys to the East
and Tarkowski's films,
we dispute over the divine nature of Messiah
and gnostic ideas of salvation

experiencing everything anew
and constantly looking for our own way -
we open ourselves to the Logos’ action

the time is elapsing,
the faded portraits of old inhabitants
look at us from the walls,
the candle is dimming
and it becomes colder,
on the following pictures
we are sitting in the café’s back room

our hearts touch the opposite feelings,
we’d like so much from life - but we want also
to be free from our desires

in our heads there are still sounds
from the jazz concert at the club Alchemia,

outside it has silenced the noise from the Jewish square
- and thousands miles away
Jerusalem is plunged into a dream

the Logos is wandering among us,
somewhere in the distance we try to see
the royal outlines of his face

immortalized on the pictures
from café Mleczarnia
we are sailing through the spring night
to the promised land
or not

IV 2008

* Mleczarnia – (Eng.) dairy

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Paweł Szkołut,  

To jest angielskie tłumaczenie wiersza ”W café Mleczarnia” z 2008 r.

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