10 august 2018

By the Baltic sea

The sea waves are washing off footprints in the sand
and the ocean of remembrance throws ashore
the shells of memories
on the horizon -
the illusion of infinity
far away in distance
there are visible boats, cutters, yachts and ships
strong wind and the sound of waves with white manes,
when you are plunging in a dark green tone -
in the waters of all oceans and seas
the childhood memories:
a blue beach ball with the map of continents,
first curiosity about the world
and a sense of its secret,
mother's touch, father's presence
and a sunny honey-colored amber 
making a journey into the past
during a declining summer
you are walking among the pine forest
with carpets of heather, mosses and lichens
while listening to the morning sounds of cranes
and the greatness of the sea bore in you
the thirst for of the Absolute
the Baltic waves are breaking down
on the banks of the ocean of remembrance
shells and rocks are glistening in the sun
present and past
have been tied with each other
like the azure sky and the sea green water
bidding farewell to the sea
you feel that you will come back to it someday,
but nowy you know that
you are ready for everything:
for end and beginning
for death and rebirth
                                            VIII 2008

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