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15 july 2020

Just Be A Friend

Even though you have the potential
to treat her like a queen
you understand that a king
can not run a kingdom without a queen
you are willing to be a servent
you understand that
you have to follow before you can lead
You know that her mind is so meaningful
your willing to travel the open sea
just to see how beautiful her treasured mind can really be
you feel you are destined to be with her
you whole heartdly feel
your the only one with the keen eye
To see inner beauty
cause that's what beauty really is
You feel you can protect her for harm
never think once about ruining her life
for any gems
there is no
in my
that I waste
trying to think of way to over
her nor manipulate her
condemn her
for a infinity stone
just to show her being with me is inevitable
If you read between these lines
All I hear is selfishness
This part is more of an intervention speech
Less of a poetic flow
Even though you can do all these things
you have never asked the one question
that actually really mattered
where does her
independent as a women fit
what can she do for herself
Does she need someone to control her life is it the fact that she talked about her hurt so many times
that you don't feel confident
that she can't make the right decisions
she can rises
To a more positive life
Does she really need
a Knight in shining armor
to protect her from her own decision
even though you say
you wont manipulate her
but in fact that's just another
Way to manipulation
you come to her with all the answers
flex with all your power
you make her feel
that she does not need to lift a finger
you get her use to that
so when she feels like
she needs to do less she says to herself
"my man handles that."
but in fact
now she puts herself in a boxed cage
you made
you wonder why she yells and complains it's because she feels like a caged bird trying to feel free
queen trying to not feel
the only thing she is good for is
to kiss the feet of a power hungry king
She doesn't need a sex partner
a sugar Daddy
all she need is a friend
all she needs is to know there is someone out here willing to listen to her
relate to the pain
Help her understand
Their is light at the end
You see
She had a light and wanted to share
But the person she chose to share it with
Choose to horde and steal all her gems
Pillaged her mind and body
Left her in darkness
Unwilling to give her a light to see the end
And all she was left with
Is less fun memories
more of misery
No longer seeing the point of having a man
all she needs is a friend
not a boyfriend
not someone to sell her dreams
Or dangle
hopes she feels is to good to even believe
So just be a friend
not a fairy tail
cause her beliefs about man
has to be rebuilt
Cause her mind is set on being alone
cause that's more safer then being abused by a man.

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