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26 june 2019

Me vs Fear

You said you didn't want me in your life
Before me 
you looked in the mirror 
Every day unable to see potential clearly
And then one day out of no where the 
Mirror split 
fell to the floor
 glass everywhere
 now you see the 24 different personalities and one beast unwilling to leave
I helped you block out 
them and other problems 
You was a sad gangsta
 you cried emotionless tears
Cause pain was something that you couldn't mentally endure
I gave your life a new purpose 
Now you can go around claiming that
Your a way better fixer than the person hire by the number one famous blacklister
So Instead of 
standing in front of your own problems
I gave you shoes to run away from them Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 
I gave you the skillz 
To help everybody else with their problems
Hiding from you own 
I gave you a career
Without me
You're like Batman
Without the gear 
you can't strike your enemies
without fear

See I like how you bring up old wounds
Continually trying to hurt me
Leaving my body motionless
Using me like Pinocchio
And your controlling the strings
Putting me on display for all to see
There's always somebody trying to hurt my Pride
I will not let you scar me
I am not your slave
I will not let you Cinderella me
I am not Genie I will not let you cuff me
Even if You could fly to a star 
Find the means to find a solid form of Mercury 
I will not let you rock me 
I will not let you run around and destroy my dreams 
this is not Elm Street
You're right fear 
I been overwhelmed with internal doubts 
I feel i been marching through deep muddy waters
 feeling like every hour I was about to drown
And it's like you lowered the tide
you know my mind is a minefield
One wrong decision one wrong move
My mind would explode into pieces 
You took me away from focusing on me
Fear I understand your reasons
I need you 
even though i believe your birth place i from that fallin angel 
I want to 
use you like spike Lee 
And try a different angle 
today I'm rewriting our contract
You will no longer appear unannounced
I will assess the situation and see if you need to come out
You will no longer stop me from expressing my limits
( Fear): But I bet your not ready for rapid fire judgment

Why would I care 
you help me judge myself every minute
But you forget
Batman didn't need any Gear 
To give scarecrow fear
No more moving around willy-nilly  
The anxiety you place upon me
Let's use that heightened senses like
 dodge problems but only if necessary
And if you can't follow these Simple Rules 
I'm going to treat you like a job without pay
Because I'm only dealing with you voluntarily
I am the king
and my soul is the ring 
i controls all my mental thoughts
 and my physical movements
I'm taller than two towers
whispering in my ear with dark demonic powers
Even though you stay in the same room as my
Crown and my throne
Act up this again
I will throw you down some stairs 
 ship you on a wooden small boat throw you a paddle and you can go... Row han

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