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26 june 2012

Mr. Fantastic

They call me Mr. Fantastic for my words are ever lasting.
They can wrap around your mind
Make you thing and make you realize that my words are
Man, the only thing that I wish wasnt permanent is
The chock hold on todays youth 
Like government 
For one day their going to give me the boot 
Give me a gun 
And a
Army suit and think Im ready to go shoot
Send me to Irans soil to get more oil 
Man, I wish I had the real powers of Mr. Fantastic 
For I would stretch forth my hand 
Save every last innocent life in Iran 
But my words and my hand can only stretch so far 
(**Hush little baby dont you cry, cuz Mr. Fantastic is now joining this fight**) 
Not just to upgrade my appearance 
But to upgrade peoples feelings about the war 
For are soldiers are not the only ones who have to fight to stay alive 
For the innocent 
Baby, the daddy, the mama, plus the gramas got to fight to survive 
But their cries are like plastic to you guys
You cant see them so you just dont wont to hear them 
You can see them but you just dont want to hear them
But the people who hear and see and also listen to me 
I thank thee 
Now I get on one knee praying that god will hear my..NO
Not my cry but
Their cry, their need, their plead 
Please put peace in Iran 
They need to put the hate to sleep.

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Your words are great and your truth is awesome

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Thank you

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Damian Paradoks,  

simply great! There is a staccato in the rhythm of words and the cry of revolt that reminds of Charlie Daniels 'Simple Man'. Some touch of craziness in the underwear that sounds like Johnny Cash 'Commited to parkview' ;)

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Thank you very much

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