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26 june 2012

Its not over

No more Crying

No more Fighting

No more Criticizing

Because I'm gonna change

I was a young boy that no one cared for I cried almost every day

I prayed that god would take me away from this dangerous place

A place that you are not granted to see the next day

I fight each and every day to keep my name alive

So many people try to end my life but mostly by word

So now I speak to the sky because god is the only one that

Knows why I cry

Why I fight

Why I get criticized about my life

But god changed me

He made me see and realize I will become someone one great

Someone who can help this unstable place

For instance you have black people not realizing they have joined the kkk

Killing off your own people

That's why our world rank is getting lower ever day

An another thing why did we even let bush run for president

he can't even speak perfect English

Lucky he has his people write this speeches

The only thing bush can do is write new slogans

To put more people in Iran

Hes a scam artist

But I say today its not over until it is over

Until they put my body six feet under

And on my tombstone says, 'John was a true soldier'

Its not over until the entire hurricane Katrina victims are fully help

Its a shame how they fixed the rich half of the land

And left the poor half with out giving them a hand

It not over until it is over

Not until I feel comfortable

That the next generation has changed

The definition of what some of us think about the flag that

Represents our nation

Red for the under cover cold-hearted murderers

Blue for the feeling of ashamed

Because we didn't pick the right person to speak for us

White for empty minded soul the ones who think they have nothing good to look for

But I say this right now

This very day 

its not over until it is over

Until my heart stops beating not until my pen stops bleeding

It not over until your hearts stops beating its over not until your pen stops bleeding

For poetry is my last stand

until God says its over

I Will fight until the last man 

Until Every country pulls together and calls it even 

until we abolish the hatred and the thought of demolishing our fellow men and women 

it not over until the world creaks open its shell and shows are true selfs


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