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26 june 2012

Had a fight with god

I was heated that day
There was so much anger and pain builded up in side me 
Then god appeared in my mind 
With a fiery voice I said 
Why did you let that 4-year-old girl die? 
Ran up on him and hit him in the eye 
But a tear fell out of my eye 
And gods face didn’t even break 
And I use 90 of my strength 
God said because she took her own life  
She thought no one cared
What she went through in life  
God bitch slapped me in the eye 
That’s for letting your friend commit reap 
Now my face began to turn purple 
And I felt like the people that were already struggling when bush 
Got put into the white house 
Mad then a motherfucka
Then I reacted and hit him in the chest 
That’s for not helping my friend out of that thousand-dollar debt
God blocked it and started to hit me with lefts and rights 
Because he’s the one who wanted to sell weed to my young people and that 
Stuff killed a 12-year-old dream 
He was hitting me  
I was doing some Ail rope adop shit 
But god was throwing those George Foreman power hits 
Almost hit me in the throat 
So I had to do what I had to do 
Hit god in the family jewels 
God push me back lift up his rob 
He had a protection cup 
Protecting his stuff 
I got so heated I ran up and started to hit him with hay makers 
In his face with a 100 of my body weight 
But my face began to break I stopped and said 
God why ant you showing any pain I hit you with everything 
He pulled out a mirror and said idiot cant you see 
You’re a reflection of me

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