18 october 2012

21 november 2011, monday ( Book Review: Heaven is for Real (by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent) )

Heaven is for Real, is a compelling read; most people can devour this book in under three hours, given its straight-forward approach to its storyline. This book is about the true, near-death experience of Todd’s son, Colton, before his fourth birthday. Any parent, who has dealt with significant sicknesses that have afflicted their own offspring, can fully appreciate the difficulties of the emotional rollercoaster ride of pain and setbacks concerning their children’s health. The aftermath of Colton’s unwanted –and preventable- trauma, led to unexpected revelations regarding heaven – things that we can learn about, before we’re called to “meet our Maker”.

The disarmingly, simple message is: heaven is a real place. Not only does Colton have direct interaction with the three Persons of the Godhead, but he has extended conversations with deceased family members – learning facts about his own family’s history, which had never been previously told him by his parents. Over a period of several years, tidbits of information are sparing shared in an unfiltered “matter of fact approach” to the Burpo family - delivered by their innocent child, who does not fully understand the ramifications of his experience; with each piece of newly revealed data, Colton is gently asked to expound on each topic - with little prompting, as to not guess or spoil his perception of each heavenly encounter. In keeping with this concept, I’ve intentionally chosen not divulge the surprises contained within this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and recommend it to anyone desiring glimpses of what Heaven is like. Hopefully, at some time in the future, Colton himself will provide us with a sequel, in which he can fully articulate all of his experiences with an adult perspective and voice, while filling in rich details that may have been accidentally overlooked.

We are reminded in the Scriptures, that we need to have a childlike faith in the tenets of Christianity. That ideal helps us to retain the joy we need as adults, while learning to combat the struggles of our own earthly journey. Reading this story can strengthen our hope of knowing how much we are loved by God – regardless of the trials and tribulations we face – for they pale in comparison to the crucifixion of Christ, whose blood was shed for the remission of everyone’s sin.

This unsolicited review was written by Joe Breunig; he is the author/poet of the title: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

For more information regarding Heaven is for Real, please visit Amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/Heaven-Real-Little-Astounding-Deluxe/dp/0849948363/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1321884480&sr=8-1

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

I know heaven is for real....I saw it while on Life Support.....it was amazing.......Kahlia. I am also getting the book.

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