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17 august 2022

Little Man

Little Man.

There was joy, there was sorrow
there was darkness, there was light.
And then you came to be among us
on a cold and winter’s night.

The little miracle, we had hoped for
a gift to a father, of a son.
For this Grandad, a little playmate
And time together, full of fun.

For your Mother, what she hoped for
and it seemed would never come.
A little bundle of hope and joy
her very precious baby son.

With your smile you make us happy
if you’re sad we feel it too.
And our lives are so much better
when we spend our time with you.

You and me, we play together
football, cars, Spider-Man too.
In a world of fun and fantasy
that’s created by me and you.

When you grow to be older
and I can no longer be.
Hold me tight in your heart
and just remember me.

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