Through the eye of the Eagle Sky

Through the eye of the Eagle Sky

Through the eye of the eagle sky is a collection of short stories and poetry, full of passion, machination and powerful contemplation, tailored from the heart of the author. A compilation of two unique short stories and More than twenty poems are included in this book, covering very strong topics such as everyday life matters, social conflicts etc… Through the eye of the eagle sky, featuring first short story_ “when black smoke Invades “Twenty nine-year old Agatha smith, born in this small town of Memphis, Tennessee; she possesses a Bachelor degree in accounting. She has been working for the Wiener/Wiener law firm for four years now. So unfortunate, with no explanation given she is fired by her boss Ted Wiener, whom also degrades her, with the shocking news. Now Agatha is spiraling downhill. Where will she go from here? Will she pull herself together? Or will she stay in the gutters when black smoke invades? In the second short story _ Poor Catherine Peterson finds herself in a predicament with her husband’s dead body in her basement. She is having difficulty making a decision whether to call the police department or taking matters into her own hands. Find out which avenue Catherine chooses that ends up leading her to The Battered Scarecrow Through the eye of the eagle sky, is like a live scenario of written thoughts. A must read for anyone whose buried in darkness and is seeking brightness with a ray of sunlight. This book contains very motivational words that make you strong enough to pull up your bootstraps.

ISBN: 978-1-4662-1271-8

publisher: Create Space

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