Yesk Nair
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16 december 2011

The Tea Cup

How many lips kissing me a day
On intervals I thirst for a new
Every lip has desire and grief
Some are barren some are baffling

Your kiss is bizarre and remote
It took me centuries back
Were we were molecules of clay
In eternal hugs and kiss.

Departed all these years
I was a swallow, a tree
A river and a brook!
Probing you through generations slit

Once you kissed me today
You never realized - but I
You were in oblivion
Or in emotions new

My brittle life frail in moments
In evolutions new we may never meet
From the dregs on the shores of time
I will blossom for you, only one more time!
If not, this is a sound parting.

Yesknair (yesknair@gmail.com)

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