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16 december 2011

The First And Last Time

Since we first met, I can’t seem to forget you
You mesmerize me with your beautiful face
There are not enough words to describe
How perfect you are

It’s like you’re my guardian angel
I felt your presence when I needed someone to comfort me
I felt your existence in the weakest moments of my life
I felt your support in every little things I’ve done

And every time you look at me 
I’ve felt that you could see right through me
I’ve feel that you could see all that I have been through
All the happiness, sadness, misery, and accomplishment in
my life

And I’m glad that I have a chance to know you
Even in just a short time
So now I must wake up in this beautiful dream
But still my heart refuses to let go

And now I must face the facts that we cannot be together
But still my heart refuses to give up
And I just want you to know what I feel for you
Even though you just see me as a friend

Don’t worry about me, I will not be sad
Instead I will cherish the moments were together
I just want you to be happy even if it means giving up my
love for you
And I want you to know that I am always her for you as your

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