Munindra Misra
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16 december 2011


Just a second insult be a stiff apology, 
As the first - when hurt was the party; 
Damages for aggrieved no medicine be, 
But healing from hurt - the desire only. -1

Apology an egotism wrong side out surely. 
Apology a good way to have last word clearly, 
The right sort of people want no apologies, 
And the wrong sort take a mean gain cruelly. - 2

A good rule in life - never apologize initially, 
Unless accused never defend unnecessarily, 
A request or `please’ may surmise firstly, 
And never apologize unless you feel sorry. - 3

True remorse but never just a regret be – 
Over consequence but over motive truly, 
Proper action needs no account definitely, 
And any excuse but ever ruins an apology. - 4

An apology - but like a lovely flower be, 
Changing the clumsiest moment graciously, 
An apology - the superglue of life be, 
Repairing just about anything resolutely. - 5
© Munindra Misra

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