13 december 2011

A little girl's story

Below the dimly lit sky
On the gravel earth
A little girl let a sigh
On all that hurt

Life as an orphan is hard
Ignorant of mother's love
And it is always an unlucky card
These innocents longingly see to the dove

She walks away between barley fields
Running her hand on them
Almost forgetting her hollow yields
And her torn hem

There stood a tall man
Who used to walk with her
They sometimes together ran
It was a fragment of joy that bit her

Smiling her innocent smile
Ignorant of the woeful mad world 
And those sinister vile
She knew the joyful sad word

Afterall nature took her growth
So she knew to love
And to speak the piercing truth
Sometimes sweetly she asks how

A day came when she had a job
A day came when the old man could, 
No longer run or jog
But give a happy grin he should

Another day came when, 
She had her last joke with him
Soon woe would spread in the glen
And a day gray and dim

She took her first solitary walk 
Through the fields so beautiful
But with no one to talk
And woe so bountiful

It was time to stand and think, 
Help another child's bliss
Now she had no desire for pink
But just a mild wish

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