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13 december 2011

The Love and Mystery of Conspiracy History For My One and Only Love

Don’t tell anyone, but I love you! 
Time and time again, I have to face that truth.
Yet, this is one of those things that is better believed a secret…
Not something old, but a conspiracy anew.
So don’t give up the ghost on a fact of our youth! 
A curiosity oft found with a newly discovered trinket.

I feel you can’t fight the urge to say, 
But our time will be limitless upon your silence.
When I hear others profess their love
(like they are announcing a new day) , 
I turn around soon to hear groanings of irreverence.
Giving our love a boost with denial’s shove.

Love to me is a secret of two hearts yearning.
Left to the winds of whispers and nods.
So no two people should ever expose
(what it is that keeps love burning) , 
All the truth about thier love, not even to the gods! 
The truth should be that no one really knows.

Secrets are those things that people oft talk about, 
In those times when curiosity abounds.
But no two subjects in memory hold
(due to the frequency of doubt) , 
Where the light and truth finally frowns.
A place where all the hidden things finally hold.

Conspiracy is the fountain of eternal youth.
Holding its own with precious stone and pride! 
Ever evading truth is an elixer that once mixed with denial
(like the tempt and tease of a dunking booth) , 
Has a place reserved in the aisles of famous people who have lied.
Our love should be held with the best of trials.

Only on the stand would I ever confess.
Only after I’ve been put through the fire, will it I say.
The fear of losing you strikes straight into my heart
(only will our love be shown under great evidence and duress) , 
‘Cause the truth once spoke is usually DOA.
I can’t help how throughout, history shows a confession does smart! 

When asked about our love, deny, deny, deny! 
When talking of our love, make it seem as a mystery.
When thinking of my love for you, be doubtful.
‘Cause we all know the trick of youth is found in a lie! 
Don’t tell anyone I love you… let us instead make it become history! 
Never inviting the quick death of truth and being boastful.

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