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13 december 2011

From The Memoirs of Mr. Cupid

Where is the sweetness
That ended in blandness?
Where is the brightness
That left me in darkness?
Where is the promise
That proved to be worthless?
Where is the countess
That ended up being heartless?
She's there in the castle of sorrow
Leaning out through the window
Calling out to lads willing to follow
And fall for her spellbinding show.
Her temptation starts with a glance
That whirls you into a pool of trance
Where you mindlessly leap and dance
To the melodies of forbidden romance.
After many confessions, I'm still falling for it
Even with resolutions, I can't resist the beat
Where is the path leading to a peaceful exit?
Is the flesh really stronger than the spirit?
God, here is my benediction:
Deliver me from temptation
Save me from damnation
And lead me to salvation.

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