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11 december 2011

Blind Faith Understands

I never intended to take you further than you could stay.

We started out in honesty, the transparency of nothing to lose.

With all my heart I bared it all open souled the way

you met me, you could have continued, I let you choose.

But I must have been too honest too deeply too fast.

At some point it meant there could be no pretense.

I think you must have viewed that as no protection that could last.

So to anoint my heart for burial I dove in with no defense.

"Most couples don't tell everything when they first get together", you said.

I couldn't help but wonder why you were mentioning what others did.

You see, when you told me one thing but were doing the exact opposite,

I was still trusting you were telling the truth and unaware of what you hid.

And on that trust as our foundation I continued to bare more and more.

While in reserve you withheld what you were doing.

I then found out about 3 main lies and then four,

You said, "Don't question me, just pray about it if you sense something brewing."

Well, I prayed but I still must confess I'm still in love with you.

Even though I know better and that I'm only setting myself up for more heartbreak.

Of course it hurts that the same eyes I saw shine with lovelight true,

also conceal lies, mistruths and a soul that can't be trusted or counted on not to shake.

And so there's the dilemna...

How can I love you when you've proven to be someone who doesn't love me enough to tell me the truth when it matters?

Is it because I forgive and want so badly for you to see the err of your ways and put into action what you promise when you said it will never happen again as you left my trust in tatters?


I have no one but myself to blame because I know my love for you is greater than yours for me.

But like the blind heart in love, though I know, I refuse to see.

Maybe your love woman will yet be the death of me.

Or maybe in time you'll see there's a better way than convenience at your mate's expense.

There's telling the truth even when it costs us that can make the difference.

Between your past heartaches and my heartbreaks at your hands
The difference perhaps only time and the leap of blind faith understands.

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