Vivekanand Jha
PROFILE About me Poetry (3)

10 december 2011

An epidemic plague

 The mind of terrorist runs on
One and only one software
He only recognizes the commands
Of trigger and fire ware.
He damns care
Who’s strong and weak?
As even before naked eyes
He sneaks.
He doesn’t know
Etiquette of red-tapism
As he looks at all
Through monochromatic prism.
He doesn’t bother
One may have one son
As to kill others for him
Is nothing but a fun.
He knows no difference
In man, woman and child
Though he’s literate
Yet idiot, beast and wild.
He’s blessed with only bliss
How to rob and kill
One’s rest and peace.
He’s known
In the world entire
By the name of
Indiscriminate fire.
He doesn’t follow
Any caste, sex or creed
As he’s such a hybrid
Comprised of unknown breed.
Like an epidemic plague
How and when he would explode
Is absolutely vague.

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