12 december 2011


total darkness
just whispers

(00: 01)
lights on
a naked body
lying on its full anatomy

(00: 20)
lungs, expanding
an arduous breathing
on full white
pale and gloomy
no, let it have a tinge of glow
aurora borealis, in norther hemisphere
sadly, breathlessly beautiful

ghastly, monstrous
a sense of emptiness
yet, not hollow, vacuous
a floating mass
within the vast universe

(3: 33)
lifting the shoulders now
being pulled by an external force
like whale, being harpooned
dragged away from the ocean
a foot being stamped
thug! thug! thug!
a withering crouch
hand swaying, like a broken branch
a pendulum
swinging back and forth
an infinite motion

then slowly
fingers crawl into its mouth
the secret of decay

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