Dean Mc
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6 december 2011


There’s certain things you say
You can’t take back in any way.
Some things you regret for the rest of your life
Because you caused a loved one trouble or strife.

Why did I say that? 
What did they do? 
Did they say something evil
To deserve abuse from you? 

No, they did nothing, 
They’ve been simply great, 
So you look to yourself, 
It’s you you really hate.

You stare into your own eyes
Yet you see a stranger, 
He’s angry and confused, 
He poses real danger.

Your different, someone else, 
Everyone sees.
I just want to go back
To the original me.

He wouldn’t hurt anyone, 
He had no regret, 
But how to get back to him, 
That I forget...

Dean McInerney 

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