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5 december 2011

The World Beyond - a Place of Mystery

Chapter One: 
the begin

life is a cycle
but not quite a trifle...
the world around us
a world of mystery
we may not understand
what is at hand
for this is the world around us
for understanding the world
is understanding a drop in the ocean
we have the world
a world that we do not understand
if we discover the world's secrets
we will know that drop
and we will fully make sense of life
we are the world
the world is us
thus being the key to the world's secret doors
the doors to knowledge
we must live our purpose
each creature learning more and more
until the world we know
is six feet above us
our world is coming to an end
the world we know of
the world we understand
yet don't understand
we must fix what we have done.....
the stars were bright
at the dawn of our flight
for our world had begun
the world we cherish
the world we know
but don't know
the world beyond
the dinosaurs we know so little about
how they stood for so many years
a mystery to us
the world
our world
intertwining in the footsteps
with the world we do not understand
chaos would turn to peace
our world
and the world beyond
together as one
peace and harmony
hatred and chaos
our world will have both
until we know
what we do not know
does not have to stay a mystery
now you shall know
the world beyond us
what is the world beyond us
the world we do not understand
and so we begin
the world above
the world below
our souls are colliding
and so I write this
our making
our design
just a dropp in the ocean
but with that drop
there can be another drop saved
and a complete change in this world
we underestimate those drops
causing frustration and dislike
for it is not possible to do the impossible
unless the possible is done

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