Putri Misnia Shary Bahri
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4 december 2011

A blood on a roses

A white rosés that soft and sweet turns to red in bloods
A red rosés re symbol of romance within my love of purity for you

A razor-sharp boundaries torment a cut on my hand bit by bit dripping of blood on top of rosés of white turn to red full with bloods 

How true was the love we bone in? 
It felt so true and sweet embrace you close
You embrace me in your arms 
Try not to lost me

How true it’s felt beneath our heart and soul 
Your my everything from a dreams which 
woke me from my sleep
Noticing you weren't there 

How could this become so deceitful? 
When we meant to be together 
it’s tearing apart of my soul 

When your gone till i give on loving you
Playing our soul of passion deceiving 
Tearing us apart 

Lovers’ affection pulls our straight away 
Divided heart of love which truly affection 

The art of love bond in torment with sore inside 
Feelings the true loves reveal once which embrace 
Tearing us apart when we said farewell forever

Never turing back to the point 
Where we lays our love which we left forever 

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