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3 december 2011

the bet rapper

yo I am the best rapper that ever lived
and I do not give a little bit of it
to anyone that does not kill it
you feel it???
I smell the fire of gealusy
 am sure soon you gonna bend on your knees
crying for your life
get out of here kid
stop your whyne
 its my time to shine
 am dying for evry single opportunity
 m not like you ,you are just a quitty
quitty aint a word
but I made it it means a quitter
is anyone else here a rapper
or m I the only one sich here
m sure better than your thousand generations
I can tur around the nations
just with my words
the verse the rhyme and the flow are the only things I need
to make everyone recognize me
and when I get my rap out of my mouth
all you just can not quit listening to it
well actually reading to it
but still I own to be the bet one day
I do not care if its tuesday or monday
even if its sunday I would not stop
coz rapping singing composing and hip hop
are my god
I do not need any cheater or mod
this is not a game this is my life dog
and when the smog clears out
the king appears
rapping in your ears
and awakening your fears
I can make you amazed with my styles
I can look cool while rapping
and when I sing everyone cry's
and everyone dies to be like me
but I am one and the only one zeesh
and now you go out kid get your jobs done
you will have to work harder to get till my level son

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