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16 december 2011

The Everstanding tree...

( The Everstanding tree... )

Standing Alone on a desert
The winds SWirl by...
Seasons pass by...
nothin excites me
Just standing still for time
To tell my story
I chose this place
of all the beautiful places of the World
I too had dreamt of a garden
A beautiful garden. filled with Love.
Destiny had something else for me..
I was destined to stand strong...
BUt how long would i bear it..
Things are starting to fade..
Time seems to weaken my girth.
Dont know What I am waiting
I dont even Hope for,
The beautiful garden
which never was mine..
just had borrowed the dream
which seems to be faded
I cant see the Vivid colors,the freshness
the enery of new creations..
unknown some day I would perish
with not a soul to care for
I keeping fighting against all odds..
Everthing that passes me
carries some part of me..
With Time breathing will slow down
Would regret leaving
nothing behind that i could call my own.
I fear the day fate would befall
and I would nt be able to stand
and crumble and bear the agony n pain
with nobody to led a kind eye
While I wither in my pain..
do we have a way around destiny..
go on and try to be strong
when my senses fail
and let Life pass by..
with nothing worthwhile left behind
I shudder at the thought..
I let Life Pass By

I made the choices..
and i need to take it...
Standing Alone as Life goes by....
As Life goes by....

25 november 2011, friday - already published in my diary..

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