15 december 2011

Your Worst Nightmare

Angels of darkness,
Angels of hell,
And the Angel of Death,
Will steal your soul.

Burning flesh,
Of the ones you love.
Now your worst nightmare,
Is coming to life.

I'll steal your heart,
I'll steal your soul.
You'll burn in hell,
And you'll hear my laugh.

Your torture,
Just isn't enough.
Your death,
Is no fun to watch.

Your pleas of mercy,
Your screams and tears,
Your begging cry's,
Can't help you know.

I am your Satin,
I am your Worst Fear,
I am your Nightmare.
Now you have nowhere to run.

Your screams of pain,
Your tears of fear,
No one can hear,
As you call for help.

I have your soul,
I hear your pleas,
But Its not enough,
As I sit and watch.

The darkness encloses,
The pain you feel now,
Is the pain you gave me,
So here's it back.

Your fear is strong,
Your scream is loud,
Your tears are steaming,
Your worst nightmare...
Is ME!

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