Brooke M. Harris
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7 december 2011

Let Me Leave You

Sand flies as I run by,
kicked up by the soles of my feet.
I can hear him running behind me,
but I’m scared and won’t stop.
He calls my name, but I don’t hear.
The thudding of my heart is filling my ears.
I feel a hand grasp my arm and spin me around,
forcing me to look into those green eyes.
He tells me he’s sorry, but how can I believe him.
All he ever does is say sorry, like it even does anything.
I pull my arm from his hand, breaking free, slowly backing away.
When he doesn’t make a move towards me, I turn and run away.
I am finally free of all the lies and the cheating.
Free to mold and shape my life the way I want to.
Thanks for finally letting me leave you!
Thanks for letting me get away.
Thanks for letting me run ahead.
Thanks for letting me seize the day.
Good-bye, Green Eyes, I’m finally on my way.

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