Imagination's Light

Imagination's Light

Wierszyki dla dzieci w języku angielskim Imagination’s Light is that source which allowed the author – Katarzyna Georgiou – to provide a poetic account of a child’s world. Paired with fabulous illustrations by Virginia Issel-Balcar, this book invites you to stroll around the themes and topics that we all once knew; authors’ insight and imagination brings some recollections of those valuable moments. Definite “must-have” for all parents and children. O autorce Katarzyna Georgiou is an ECE graduate of Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, Ontario, the author of various poems for children. She works actively with young children, teaching English. The most recent publication of this author is an album “The Time of Promise Magical Motherhood”, a diary interwoven fairytale graphics. O ilustratorce Virginia Issel-Balcar is a graduate of Politechnical University in Wrocław, an illustrator by passion, and the creator of Patchwork Studio “Imagine”.

ISBN: 978-83-61748-90-8

publisher: Warszawska Firma Wydawnicza

year: 2011

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