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Other books from: WRUD, WKEWL, OAO, Trust Nabokov Implicitly, I Dreamed a Dream About Beckett's Waiting, Slightly Off Topic, MYOB, Trust Metaphysics Implicitly, Trust Dickens Implicitly, N2K NAZ, Make No Mistake About It, Mouse Potato, Foulweather Friend, Save It For Never, Trustafarian, WTG OMG GFU, So You Say, I Dreamed a Dream About Rilke's God, Trust Salinger Implicitly, Trust Sense Memory Implicitly, No Innuendo, It Wasn't Me, Prayer of Jabez, Trust Language Implicitly, OBTW OFIS ROFLOLTSTIME, Home Of The Palindromes, No Lemon No Melon, Is It I? It Is I., Civic Level, Say Baudelaire, Say Iamb Amplified, This Pararhyme Is Mine, Unequal Vanilla, Say Negative Aesthetics, Sans::Grammar, Trust CMYK::RGB Implicitly, Unequal Olive Greens, Unequal Yellows, Trust Cervantes Implicitly, Voices Israel Anthology, Year One, Retrospect: A Soldier’s Memoir, Little Red Tree International Poetry Prize Anthology, Pressed, Xavier Review, Clear Brightness, Living Room Aphorisms, Asymptote, EDGZ, Old Red Kimono, CutBank, Monkeybicycle, The Legendary, Literary Bohemian, Platte Valley Review, Grey Sparrow, Newport Review, Mascara Literary Review, Gertrude, Turning Wheel, Wag’s Revue, Radioactive Moat, 8 DAYS: Carl Cox Feature, 8 DAYS: Ernie Hudson Feature, InDigest, Lantern Review, Asymptote, Red Lion Square, Swink, Writings From The Heart: Stories & Poetry From Around The World, Xavier Review, Escape Into Life, Shampoo, Dear Sir, 8 DAYS: Supermodels Cover, The Bend, Let Dinggedicht Speak, Georgetown Review, When Dada Rewrote Koans, In Memoriam to a Marionette, Psychic Meatloaf, Gulf Coast, The Pinch, 8 DAYS: James Bond Cover, Meadowland Review, Blackbird, DIAGRAM, Vol. L: 50th Chapbook Anthology, Mo: Movember Anthology, Scheherazade’s Bequest, The Flea Broadsheet, Kartika Review 2009-2010 Anthology, Ceriph, Straylight, GASPP, Seneca Review, The Dirty Goat, How To Read A Poem: An Audio Book, 8 DAYS: Michael Jackson Cover, Grey Sparrow, Eldercare and Counselling, Ruminations of a Good Book, Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, 8 DAYS: Simon Yam Cover, In the Garden of the Crow, Housing Senior Singaporeans, The One Word: Hope For Cambodia, Doing A Little Good, 8 DAYS: Red Hot Chili Peppers Feature, Confrontation 100th Issue, Coast, Sunrise From Blue Thunder, 8 DAYS: Bjork Feature, 8 Days: John Digweed Feature, Impressions of a Pipa Player, Kartika Review, [ C. ] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology, 8 DAYS: Academy Awards Cover, I’m A Volunteer Too: Forty Heartwarming Singaporean Stories, One For the Love of God: A Music Tribute, Harpur Palate, The Writing Disorder Anthology, 8 DAYS: Madonna Cover, Portland Review, For the Love of God, SLAB, Xconnect, The Pinch, Sonora Review, Naugatuck River Review, Assaracus, Gulf Coast, Harvard Review, Read Write [Hand]: A Nick Cave Reader, New Orleans Review, The New Guard, Faultline, Versal, Copper Nickel, 8 DAYS: Music Divas Cover, 8 DAYS: Jackie Chan Cover, Smartish Pace, NANO Fiction, Fuselit, 8 DAYS: Zoe Tay Cover, 8 DAYS: Golden Pillow Cover, Presence, Saltwater Quarterly, Spilling Ink, Barge Journal,

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