27 november 2011

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder how a tree
can stand the way it does -
so crooked, gnarled and twisted.
I wonder what it was...

What made it lean way over -
its shallow roots in mud?
Or was its last encounter a -
tornado? lightning? flood?

Though I am not an expert,
and haven't much, a clue -
I've often looked at people,
and wondered how they grew.

Opinions leaning way too far
with grumpy, creaking sounds -
they're true, 'un-timbered' miracles
with such unbalanced pounds.

But God still pours out blessings.
His grace forever flows -
and nourishes the lazy root -
no matter how it grows.

Sometimes I wonder how a man
can stand the way he does -
so crooked, gnarled and twisted.
I wonder what it was...

©2011 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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that poem makes me think of the changes we see in young people today and the way they used to be a few years ago. Something horrible for society....at least in my country...

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louis gander,  

Thank you for your kind comment. This poem came together so easily - was fun to write. Thanks again.

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Joe Breunig,  

A lovely and enjoyable piece; loved the analogy of trees to people; thankfully, the blessings of God are ever present towards everyone and that it's not too late for anyone to partake of them; wonderfully written! -Joe Breunig Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

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louis gander,  

Thank you Joe. What you said is so true - it's never to late to come to Him. Thanks and have a great week!

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