5 march 2013

Knight In Shining Armor

A knight in shining armor?  I certainly am not -
but if, indeed, I really was, you just might laugh a lot.
I'd be astride my big white horse, (a stallion through and through)
riding straight and very tall - and trotting right past you.
You'd see my polished armor and you'd see the golden trim -
just before I ride my horse right under one low limb.
I'd be a bit embarrassed there while lying on my back.
You'd see my pretty armor with some punctures, dents and crack.
My horse would keep on galloping as it ran out of sight.
I wouldn't know quite what to say except, "I'll be all right."
You'd tell me calmly, "Do not move." and also "Just stay put."
And then you'd see my armor covered with the blackest soot.
It's after that, I'd just admit, that I had tried to flee -
that big ol' angry dragon whose hot flame had bested me.
No, I'm not a noble knight nor any princess charmer.
I've make too many dumb mistakes to be a knight in armor.
Therefore, as a princess, you will need to wait awhile -
and grab the next knight riding by that's full of charm and style.
He'd pull you up behind him on his horse, you'd yell, "Goodbye!"
Of course, I would apologize and once again, I'd cry...
I've done so much for everyone- have given things and stuff -
but this I've learned- I'm not a knight- nor nearly good enough.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Louis, some men are pawns, some are knights amnd some are kings...your poetry is amazing....you sound like the supreme ruler...of your own destiny, that is. What a lovely poem, princesses acn make mistakes as well.....we were DUBBED...lol

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Can make mistakes, that is .......Kahlia

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louis gander,  

No, princesses can never make mistakes. They are ALL perfect. Especially the one I know... Now, back to wiping the dirt and mud off my armor and pounding the dents back out... :)

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Does your armour need to be buffed? lol....Kahlia

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