20 february 2013

Judgment Day

You float above your body,
ascending into sky.
You hear the angels singing.
You're really not sure why.

You hear them a Cappella,
for just a song or two -
and then the instruments chime in
which take all breath from you.

Tall, massive sculptured columns
hold alabaster beams -
high above your stature.
It, overwhelming, seems.

The granite steps are pure as glass.
The huge and massive doors -
now open up, reveal in full,
the warmest parquet floors.

A bright light draws you hither,
between the velvet walls.
You hear those massive doors go shut.
A hollow echo calls.

But you have done no walking.
You simply float along -
until you enter room that holds
ten thousand angels strong.

The ceiling seems a mile high,
with walls a mile wide!
There is no time to make amends,
there is nowhere to hide.

Intimidated by this all,
in center of the room -
with bulging eyes, your jaw has dropped.
You hear a massive "boom"!

You're stripped of all possessions.
You're standing there alone.
The gong still echoes in your ears -
and God is on the throne!

Your earthly life, you quick relive.
Oh, what have you achieved?
Exposed and feeling guilty now,
have truly, you believed?

You knew that judgment day would come -
but why was it so soon?
You've missed your last vacation
and it is now 'high noon'.

Lightning cracks with thunder!
You think it very odd -
but then you understand it all.
It is the voice of God!!

Your mouth still hangs wide open.
You cannot even squeak -
and then begin to wonder -
will Jesus stand to speak...?

Oh, one more chance, you wish you had -
but it will never be -
for you are reading this right now -
and yet, you cannot see -

nor hear Him knocking on your heart,
the door to your own soul.
However, if you let Him in -
then He will make you whole.

Not even you can be so bad
that you have lost all heart -
for Christ had died for everyone -
including you - so start.

Two thousand thirteen years ago
it took a real Man
to sacrifice Himself for you.
Repent in tears. You can.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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