13 february 2013


With waves that crash upon the beach,
my love rolls further in to reach -
and further up, they roll some more -
I haven’t loved like this before.

I never thought I’d fall in love,
but you’re the one I’m dreaming of.
I close my eyes in your embrace,
and still I see your lovely face.

I kiss your lips and hold you close
but never get my final dose.
We hug so tightly for so long -
in arms of love we both belong.

I peer into your pretty eyes -
oh, please don’t love the other guys.
Their love for you can’t be this strong -
and can’t be tear-filled for as long.

Each time I think about your pain,
I cry but it is all in vain -
yet nature knows the sun won’t shine,
until her raindrops fall with mine.

So when it rains just think of me,
my tears of love will always be.
With every tear of mine I cry.
I’ll wash your pain and hurt good-bye.

I’ll kiss each sore, each scar, each kind -
until your smiling face I find.
I’ll kiss you often and so deep.
Please tell me that I’m yours to keep!

The rain will end and will succumb
to colors when the rainbows come.
And as the sun shines bright above
it will expose our perfect love.

When we’re apart, I’m very blue,
I just can’t get enough of you.
Your lovely hair, your pretty nose,
your perfect legs, your tiny toes…

As every wave keeps rolling in,
I cannot hold my love within.
My thoughts run quickly – run so deep,
but you my Love, I’ll always keep.

Your beauty cannot be replaced.
Your silhouette, my memory traced.
You are so perfect – know it’s true.
Oh, please believe that I love you.

My love is soft and does ignite
a cry for you each lonely night.
There’s something special deep inside
which you and I can never hide.

You stole my heart. It’s all yours, but
it’s very fragile - delicate.
So promise me, that you won’t break
this tender heart, if you should take.

For if your love, away should fly,
my soul would shriek and I would die.
The earth would shake. With stomach curled,
they’d hear me scream around the world.

I’d get so sick and turn away -
I’d die a million times that day.
I love you more than you could know -
So never, ever let me go.

The water’s vast between each shore -
but this is true - I love you more.
My waves of love keep rolling in.
Together, may our lives begin?

As I need air – I so need you -
so please, my Love - please love me too.
Tell me yes and not just maybe -
be my Princess, Barbie baby.

If there are tears, I’ll kiss them dry,
so smile with me and do not cry.
Walk close with me on golden sands,
forever always, hand in hand.

©2010 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Kahlia Mazacalletti,  

Louis-You have to be in love or must have been in love to write a beautiful poem such as this.....Great....Kahlia

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I do not know whether the use of such rhymes in English is good enough. I do not know much about poetry in probably your native language. However, that is a beautiful picture about waves of love. Nice to see you:)

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louis gander,  

Yes I was Kahlia, very much ~ and thank you very much for all your kind, thoughtful comments. Jaro, thank you for your nice comment as well. I understand that translating a language takes a lot away from it. I appreciate your understanding. ~louis

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