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27 july 2012

Rainbow Glow

Rain falls slower than my tears
The night drags on
I lay awake
Breathing nothing but the tears I cry

I gaze at the distant city lights
And all I can think
Is of that day
When I got rainbow hair

But stronger than the rainbow glow
Reflected through my hair
The pain still stays
Grows stronger with every shining tear

That falls
No matter what you do
To try to make it up to me
You can't

No number of childhood dreams
You recreate to be true
No matter every wish you grant
You used to call impossible

You hit me way too hard
When I ruined your car with paint
To love me as much
As you keep telling me you do

No matter how many presents
You give me
You can't make me forget
And I never will

These words, now all you say
I'm sorry, Matt
Even if they're true
Can never take the pain
I still feel
When I think of you

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