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12 july 2012

Aqua Blue

the world around me
moving gently against my skin
a sweet sensation on
my lips
I dip my hands into this fountain
of water pure, with life or'flowing
it fills my soul
from head to toe
rejuvenating as I taste
its refreshing
the sound of water
rushes over me
I look
and see my reflection
of everything I hide
the depths
reveal the thoughts
inside and I cannot
break the gaze
of this woman
bearing my name
demanding I confront
the reason for her
the emerald pools
of her eyes
pierce my heart
and question
the purity of its
in answering the
blue changes to red
the swirling colors
now rip thier way
into my skin
my passionate blood
fighting against
the limits of
her fiery eyes
boldly pushes away
the last solid pieces
forcing me to
fall through space
ageless, timeless

when all at once
I suddenly
feel the rush of water engulfing me
completely immersed in
the depths of this fountain
forever extending in every direction
encompassed in my womb
comforted in darkened blue
which way is up?
I cannot tell
letting go
my lungs contract
filled with my first
aquatic breath
I swim into the
endless peace that
this liquid
I breathe

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