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12 july 2012

God....where are YOU ?


Searched for HIM  near and far
in  temples, mosques, churches and vihars
Browsed  Gita, Bible and Quran
peeped into the pages of Vedas and Purans.
Questioned the learned ones, scholars and sages
journeyed  in this quest  sacred places.
Meditated seeking HIM in lap of the Himalayas
Praying for HIS presence through chanting of mantras.
Sages and savants, answers, could’nt satisfy me
my hunger for HIM, felt, beginning to betray me.
Finding of God particle raised my hope
soon to vanish by another stroke.
 Instrumental in forming the Universe, it was revealed
but who made this particle , mystery yet to be unveiled ?
Arn’t we the God particles in the true sense ?
What use this universe without inhabitants ?
Eureka ! I have found HIM within myself
HE is in everyone, bother to seek within self.
He is in us, in every human being
in good deeds, love ,service & pious thinking.
So why search HIM here and there
Universal love marks HIS presence everywhere.
Copyright reserved by Tribhawan Kaul

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louis gander,  

Indeed, God is Love -and that's why He sent Jesus... Grace is ours through Faithfulness -and our works proves our faith. Nice poem.

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Tribhawan Kaul,  

Thanks Louis for visiting my page. Happy writing. TK

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