9 july 2012

Words To Ponder (April 2001)

amidst this place of nowhere
my world gone dim and colder
i stared upon the misty sky
then tears rolled down my eyes

i asked the Lord cause i wonder why
He gave me friends that makes me smile
but in the end they say goodbye
so i wonder if it's all lie

abruptly i heard a rumbling thunder
as if the Lord give me an answer
it came to me it's part of life
to never lose out of sight

afar i notice a silhouette exist
which brought me a sudden bliss
as he comes closer he lends a hand
asking, proffering to be his friend

without a doubt i nod at him
remembering whatever he may seem
i should cherish someone like him 
for i don't want to see him as well in dim

now i thank the Lord above
for giving me unconditional love
and thoughts for me to ponder
that i must treasure my friends forever

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