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27 june 2012

Arms Of HE

Into the arms of The Failure I fall, -
greeting me with a pleasant smile
He asked, “You know why you are here?”
I responded; “I’d pursue alike answer.”
As He released me, descending_
down, certainly, I saw His face.
I recalled what I have seen,
-reflecting, me, the past in paces.
Great upstairs is the path, situated.
And from present backward I confronted
Waving me goodbye with a hope
He, standing, beneath the shower of manhood.
Fades, He, as I evolve toward my goal_
forward I witnessed an aware appearance.
Breezes, surrounding me, grew so cold
bringing me a well-known fragrance.
Oh, I realize them, those arms of He
prepared to embrace the entire me.
So, I questioned; “Why’d we meet, again?”
thus He answered, “It is on earth, falls the rain.”

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