30 april 2015

30 april 2015, thursday ( So Mad Right Now Not Even Kidding )

My boyfriend is giving me the silent treatment. MY teachers keep signing me up for stuff I don't need. My college teacher is leterally trying to fail me. My mom said "oh, lets go to the pool today," but since i destroyed my dresser trying to find my bathing suit, which I still didn't find by the way, she took that away in an instant. My knee is still messed up rom something I did months ago. My bike has no brakes and a flat back tire. I had to ride the bus this morning with people who constantly stared at my damn knee brace. I forgot my sketch book at home. I have to get a shot tomorrow. My fucking "friends" are being dicks. If I tell you i'm in a bad mood you don't try to make it worse, ya know? I don't even want to be at school today. FUck this. I could probably leave right now and the school wouldn't even notice for another 2 1/2 hours. WHat is the point in me coming today. Half of my day is free periods and the other half is classes that no one gives a damn about. So mad right now. I'm a little bit away from punching the next person that wants to be a dick to me in the nose.

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