30 june 2012

1 august 2011, monday ( letter to love )

My dear Love,

When i am with you. I feel alive. I feel sensitive.
You bring me love. That i never Knew.
I couldn't imagine the world without you.
Cause my world is you.
You the star.
Far away from me like rockstar.
I love you. I love you through.
My life even after that.
I dont Know How to thanK God
For you
To be real and true.
Just liKe light you are my necessasity of life.
My love is endless. For you its beyond that.
Many times I tried to tell.
My unKnown and unlimited feeling for you.
I lost my words and moves to express love for you.
The angel in life..Mistress of universe.
I love you.
Love Your Soothing voice
It soothes me.
My love for you..Is everlast durable.
I dont want to miss your single smile
Your waKe up cute looKs.
I want you to Share my joys. And your sorrow with me.
I will be there for you When you need.
I promise you to love everywhere everytime.
I love you
For all and no condition apply.
Breath of KAY lost in may
When I saw you I lost my sense
Be mad
And can't say even a single word.
When i met you don't Know
what to say?
How to?
But ..I ...DO

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