13 february 2023

A Soul Mate

The word of 'was' is so familiar to my brain, mind and ears.
As if something happened, so close, so deep, the arrogance of distance and time cannot be erased.
How many times have I whispered your name and let the memory blow with the wind, far away, but keep coming back.

As you can see my new face now, looking better and warmer than when we first parted ways.
Speaking of separation, are we really separated?
Have we really forgotten each other?
If there is indeed a word of 'mutual', but why does my heart still want to continue to bind you?
And, why haven't you really moved away until now?

Sometimes, distance is not a reason for us to share with each other.
In all the uncertainty, you and I are still have something that we don't know what to call it.
But, when you said there is a longing when loneliness hits you too, a longing for the time we once shared together.

Is it too silly if we call it 'a soulmate'?

The attachment between me and you is not in status, but our souls, our breath, our longing, have the same pulse and beat.

No need to take it seriously, this is just a series of stupid paragraphs to accompany the loneliness that has come to haunt me for a long time.
Since you are no longer here, since you and I chose our own paths.

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