I am

I am a cobra waiting to bite
Step in my way you're asking for a fight
All I want is to poison him to make him mine
I am a witch casting a spell
Making your life a living hell
I’ll walk him out of your door and straight into mine
This voodoo doll should work just fine
I am a fragile little soul
I just want to be loved so why
Am I left out to dry why you have an arm to cry on
Like a shard of glass I want to be apart of something
Apart of him
I am the bitter cold
I shall hold  him in my arms and never let him leave
Slowly numbing him
So he won’t care if he leaves
You behind to feel my pain
I am an insensible girl
taking a man
From a family of ghost
Who weep wallow and cry
I am a bag full of scum
Waiting for an apology?
That day will never come.